TORONTO Riser Bars


  • The TORONTO Riser Bar pack is an ideal solution for enhancing the safety of your TORONTO staircase to protect small children and pets. Riser bars attach directly to each stair tread and are designed to reduce tread spacing for your peace of mind.

    The TORONTO Riser Bar pack includes 16 riser bars to accommodate any TORONTO staircase from 11 to 16 treads. Riser bars are made of galvanized steel and match the color of your TORONTO staircase perfectly, providing safety and durability without ever sacrificing style.

    • Designed specifically for use with DOLLE TORONTO staircase kits
    • Riser bars measure 22 inches long with a height of 4.75 inches
    • Offers increased security by reducing spacing between treads from the standard 9.25 inches to 4.5 inches
    • Galvanized steel finish blends seamlessly with TORONTO staircase
    • Includes 16 riser bars and all necessary hardware to complete installation
    • Riser bars attach easily to pre-drilled holes in each tread
    • Easy assembly with basic hand tools; no special skills required
    • Homeowner is responsible for verifying local code compliance