ROME Landing Banister Starter Kit


  • The DOLLE ROME Landing Banister Starter Kit is an ideal banister railing solution designed to be used in conjunction with the ROME Modular Staircase Kit to enclose your balcony area.

    The ROME Landing Banister Starter Kit includes the all the necessary components to connect with your ROME staircase handrail and continue across a balcony or loft run. Each ROME Banister Starter Kit will cover a 42-inch linear span and measures 36 inches overall height. Starter kits include a beechwood handrail, gray powder coated steel balusters, 1/8 inch horizontal stainless steel cable infill, cable tensioners, handrail elbow, handrail endcap, and all necessary hardware to complete installation.

    The ROME Landing Banister Starter Kit can also be joined with the ROME Landing Banister Continuous Kit for creating longer railing runs. Any ROME banister run must begin with a Starter Kit before additional continuous kits can be added.

    • Designed for use with ROME Modular Staircase Kit
    • Each banister kit spans 42 linear inches at a 36-inch height
    • Balcony railing is comprised of a beechwood handrail, vertical steel balusters, and stainless steel cable infill
    • Kit includes: beechwood handrail with accessories, gray powder coated steel balusters, stainless steel cable, and all necessary hardware required to complete installation
    • Beechwood handrail can be cut down or combined with others to create the exact length needed for your project
    • Complementary items: ROME Landing Banister Continuous Kit
    • ROME Landing Banister Kits are non-code compliant items-- consult your local building inspector to verify local code compliance