ATLANTA/DALLAS Banister Starter Kit


  • The ATLANTA/DALLAS banister start kit provides a railing solution for your loft or mezzanine floor. This banister kit from DOLLE offers a design that is a perfect match for use with ATLANTA and DALLAS modular staircase kits.

    The ATLANTA/DALLAS banister start kit provides a UV-resistant PVC handrail, powder-coated vertical steel balusters, handrail accessories, and all necessary hardware for installation. This starter kit will provide 40 in. in total coverage. For railing runs that require a longer distance this item is designed to be paired with the ATLANTA/DALLAS banister continuous kit.

    For each corner or turn an additional starter kit will be needed to start a new run. The starter kit is designed for flat runs only and is not approved for use on stairs.

    • Banister starter kit measures 40 in. x 39 in. x 2.5 in.
    • Powder-coated vertical steel balusters with PVC handrail and handrail components
    • Jet Black finish for both baluster and handrail components
    • Designed with same railing components found in DOLLE ATLANTA and DOLLE DALLAS modular staircase kits
    • Starter kits can be paired with ATLANTA/DALLAS continuous banister kits (DOLLE model #77021) for runs longer than 40 in.
    • Powder-coated balusters and UV protected handrail provides a maintenance-free solution
    • Includes 8 vertical balusters, handrail, handrail to wall connector, handrail endcap, and all hardware necessary for installation
    • Can be installed with common household tools