Prova Aluminum Handrail


  • The Prova railing system from DOLLE offers interior and exterior railing systems that are component based, easy to install, and beautifully designed. The Prova railing system offers several different configurations that provide a sleek, contemporary, custom look at DIY pricing. Prova railings are perfect for any home – creating dramatic sightlines outside, and making small spaces seem larger inside.

    The Prova PA4 Aluminum Handrail features a brushed aluminum finish and measures 79 inches long with a 1-1/2 in diameter. Prova handrails can be installed using wall mounts or in conjunction with all Prova post styles and handrail accessories. Need a longer or shorter handrail? Simply combine or cut down handrails to fit the exact length needed for your project. Adjustable elbows can be used for navigating around corners or down flights of stairs.

    Additional Prova handrail accessories such as endcaps, connectors, adjustable elbows, and wall mounts are sold separately to help you navigate any project. No special skills required – Prova is designed for easy assembly with basic hand tools.

    • Can be used on any deck or stairs configuration in both exterior and interior applications
    • Designed and ready to mount directly to Prova posts and Prova handrail accessories
    • Heavy duty extruded aluminum handrail with brushed aluminum finish for carefree maintenance and a modern look
    • Handrail accessories such as endcaps, connectors, elbows, and wall mounts sold separately to customize your project
    • Easy assembly with basic hand tools, no special skills required (to maintain a clean cut and minimize damage to powder coating we suggest cutting handrails with metal blade equipped hack saw)
    • Homeowner is responsible for verifying local code compliance