Prova PA21 Drilling Template for Wood Handrails


  • The Prova railing system from DOLLE offers interior and exterior railing systems that are component based, easy to install, and beautifully designed. The Prova railing system offers several different configurations that provide a sleek, contemporary, custom look at DIY pricing. Prova railings are perfect for any home – creating dramatic sightlines outside, and making small spaces seem larger inside.

    The Prova PA21 plastic handrail drilling template is used in conjunction with Prova wood handrails to ensure even pilot holes for seamless connections to Prova endcaps, elbows, and other accessories.

    Do not risk having off-centered handrails - use the Prova handrail drilling template to drill perfectly centered holes into your wooden railings for results you can trust. No special skills required – Prova is designed for easy assembly with basic hand tools.

    • Plastic drilling template assists with centering pilot holes to attach Prova accessories
    • Compatible with all wood Prova handrails
    • Constructed of plastic and made to easily fit over end of wood handrail
    • Includes 1 drilling template per pack
    • Easy assembly with basic hand tools, no special skills required
    • Homeowner is responsible for verifying local code compliance