Prova PA29 Stainless Steel Cable Infill


  • The Prova railing system from DOLLE offers interior and exterior railing systems that are component based, easy to install, and beautifully designed. The Prova railing system offers several different configurations that provide a sleek, contemporary, custom look at DIY pricing. Prova railings are perfect for any home – creating dramatic sightlines outside, and making small spaces seem larger inside.

    The Prova PA29 stainless steel cable roll is a 1/8-inch by 82-foot cable roll designed to offer 4-inch spaced cable infill on any size Prova post. Each roll will cover 123 linear inches when used with 36-inch posts and 98 linear inches when used with 42-inch posts. Instead of sacrificing the perfect view for safety’s sake, choose Prova cable infill and have the best of both worlds. Cable can be cut to the exact length you need using a standard hand cable snip or cutter. Please ensure that the cutting tool used is the appropriate size to cut through a 1/8-inch diameter cable.

    DOLLE recommends no single cable run to go over 60 feet. Prova PA28 stainless steel cable connectors are available to join cable strands together for runs longer than 60ft. Cable infill spools also come with rubber sleeves to inset into your Prova post to ensure cable does not move while running through infill fittings located on your Prova posts.

    No special skills required – Prova is designed for easy assembly with basic hand tools.

    • Used as cable infill on 36-inch and 42-inch Prova posts or using Prova wall terminals
    • Provides code compliant 4-inch cable-to-cable spacing
    • Made from grade 304 stainless steel – not recommended for saltwater climates
    • Can be used in both exterior and interior applications
    • Pair with PA26 cable post adjustment terminals for connecting to posts or PA27 cable wall terminals for attaching directly to the wall
    • Easy assembly with basic hand tools
    • Homeowner is responsible for verifying local code compliance