1/8" x 82' Steel Cable InFill for Prova Railings

Are you looking for a sleek and stylish in-fill for your railing? Our Prova ?” x 82’ steel cable railing in-fill offers a durable solution with clean sight-lines and a modern-industrial feel. Don’t sacrifice the perfect view for safety’s sake, choose Prova instead.

Prova Stainless Steel Cable is sold in an 82 foot roll whereby you receive enough product in one unit to fill approximately 10' of railing for 36"H or 8' of railing for 42"H. The roll of cable will need to be cut to your specifications with a cable cutter or angle grinder (not included). Please check with your code compliance to verify your deck height requirements. Selecting a Prova infill for your railing system is part 2 in a 3-step process for selecting your customizable railing system. The first step is to select which type of Prova Railing Post you would like to use.

Parts and accessories to secure your cables to posts are sold separately. Each piece of the Prova system comes with installation instructions that are DIY friendly making this system easy to install.

Installation Tips:
Stainless Steel Cable (PA29) can be secured to your posts with PA26 Cable Post Adjustment Terminals, or to your wall with PA27 Cable Wall Adjustment Terminals, which are sold separately. We recommend you install your Prova posts with the infill fittings facing inward. Install cable sleeves provided with your cable into the post fittings, then thread the cable through, from post to post. Cut cables with an angle grinder or heavy-duty cable snips. Insert your cable ends into terminals and tighten set screws securely. Install handrails (step 3) prior to installing cables. This will allow for less post movement when tightening and securing the cables. When installing your cable, loosen the adjustment terminals by approximately 1/2" each to allow for proper tightening. If necessary, cables can be spliced together in mid-field by using PA28 Cable Connectors (sold separately). Complete instructions are available.

Description Part Number
1/8" x 82' Steel Cable 96240
Cable Post Adjustment Terminal 96264
Cable Wall Adjustment Terminal 96236
90-Degree Corner for Wire Fill 96262
Cable Connector 96268

Homeowners should check with building inspector for local code compliance.