Prova PA26 Cable Post Adjustment Terminal for Cable In-Fill 36" (8pk)


  • The Prova railing system from Dolle is a component based, easy to install, interior and exterior railing system. The Prova railing system offers several different configurations that offer a sleek, contemporary, and custom look at DIY pricing. Prova railings are adept at creating dramatic sight lines outside and making small spaces seem larger inside.

    The Prova PA26 stainless-steel cable post adjustment terminals are designed to hold Prova 1/8 in diameter cable infill in place on your 36 in Prova posts. The PA26 cable post adjustment terminals are used only at the beginning and end of your cable runs; terminals are not needed on every Prova post in your system. Compatible with Prova side mount and top mount posts.

    Easy assembly with basic hand tools, no special skills required. Prova railings by Dolle are the perfect railing system for today’s modern, open floor plans inside while also providing excellent, unobstructed sight lines outside!

    • Heavy-duty grade 304 stainless steel cable terminals hold your cable at the post
    • Used with PA29 Prova 1/8 in diameter stainless steel cable infill
    • 8 Cable post terminals per pack
    • Cable post terminals only required on start post and end post of each cable run, not required on every post
    • Designed to work with 8 levels of infill found on 36 inch Prova Posts
    • Maintains 4 in spacing between cables
    • Multiple set screws to hold cable in place and provide tensioning adjustments
    • Keep approximately 1/2 in of thread exposed at post for final tightening of cables
    • Easy assembly no special skills required, basic hand tools to install

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