Prova PA25a 90 Degree Corner for Steel Cable or Steel Tube In-FILL (10pk)

The Prova PA25a stainless steel elbows are designed to offer a smooth 90-degree transition between two 42 in Prova posts. The PA25a elbows are hollow to allow cables to pass through and maintain a continuous infill run around a corner. Connectors are also included in this package to connect these brackets directly with Prova stainless steel tube infill. Easy assembly with basic hand tools, no special skills required.
  • Used to form a 90-degree corner between two posts
  • Compatible with both Prova stainless steel PA5a (96059) tube and PA29 (96240) cable infill
  • 10 tubes per pack
  • Can be used with 42 in top and side mount Prova Posts
  • 3/8 in diameter with 6 in long angle legs
  • Connectors included for attaching elbows to stainless steel tubes
  • Recommended for exterior or interior use
  • Easy assembly no special skills required, basic hand tools to install
  • Homeowner is responsible to verify code compliance