Prova PA25 90 Degree Corner for Steel Cable or Steel Tube In-FILL (8pk)


  • The Prova railing system from Dolle is a component based, easy to install, interior and exterior railing system. The Prova railing system offers several different configurations that offer a sleek, contemporary, and custom look at DIY pricing. Prova railings are adept at creating dramatic sight lines outside and making small spaces seem larger inside.

    The Prova PA25 stainless steel tube elbows are designed to offer a smooth 90-degree corner to corner transition between two 36 in Prova posts. The PA25 stainless elbow can be used on corners and is compatible with both Prova stainless cable and stainless tube infill. The PA25 elbows are hollow to allow cables to pass through and maintain a continuous infill run through a corner. Connectors are also included in this package to connect elbows directly with Prova stainless steel tube infill.

    Easy assembly with basic hand tools, no special skills required. Homeowner is responsible to verify code compliance. Prova railings by Dolle are the perfect railing system for today’s modern, open floor plans inside while also providing excellent, unobstructed sight lines outside!

    • Used to form a 90-degree rounded corner between two Prova posts
    • Compatible with both Prova stainless steel PA5 (96058) tube and PA29 (96240) cable infill
    • 8 corner tubes per pack
    • Can be used with 36 in top and side mount Prova Posts
    • 3/8 in diameter with 6 in long angled sides
    • Connectors included for attaching elbows to Prova PA5 stainless steel tube infill
    • Recommended for exterior or interior use
    • Easy assembly no special skills required, basic hand tools to install
    • Homeowner is responsible to verify code compliance

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