Prova 36" Side Mount Post

Brushed Aluminum

Now you don’t have to sacrifice style for safety! With Prova 36” metal side mount railing posts, you can add a beautiful design element to your home while adding a secure handhold for staircases and deck rails.

Recommended space between posts: 39-3/8"

Description Part Number
1 Newel Post 86019 (Anthracite) or 96019 (Aluminum)
Leveler for Posts 96160 (Aluminum)
Hex Screws* 86120 (Anthracite) or 96120 (Aluminum)
Concrete Screws* 86110 (Anthracite) or 96110 (Aluminum)
1-7/8" Post Spacers 86150 (Anthracite) or 96150 (Aluminum)
2-7/8" Post Spacers 86155 (Anthracite) or 96155 (Aluminum)

Note: *Substitute concrete screws for hex screws if going in concrete.