Dolle Rome Modular Staircase Kit

Rome 25-1/4 inch Tread Kits

Rome – A modern modular stair kit with Beech wood treads provides a clean, contemporary design for limited floor space

The Rome Modular Staircase is perfect for tight spaces that have frequent use. This modular stair kit from Dolle comes with multiple step options. The contemporary handrails are solid Beech wood and this stair kit comes with steel cable fillers and matching Beech veneer treads. Side railing banisters are also available and sold separately.

  • Standard modular stair kit comes with 11 treads.
  • Treads have alternating, staggered design for optimum functionality in small spaces
  • Multiple angle installations to fit almost every need
  • Optional second side railing available
  • Optional balcony railing available - Starter Pack and Continuous Pack
  • Complete installation guide and toll free support
  • 1-year warranty
  • 25% restocking fee on returns


Tread Material Beech veneer with clear, high-scuff resistant varnish
Structure Material Steel powder-coated grey finish
Fill Material Steel cable fillers
Railing Material Solid Beech wood that is clear varnish sealed
Stair Rise Adjustable rise between treads 7-3/8" to 9"
Stair Width 25-1/4" with banister
Staircase Height 87" - 136" (see chart below for tread options)
Ceiling Opening 27" x 48" minimum
Use For frequent interior use
Important: consult your local building inspector for any questions and specifics regarding compliance with the local building codes prior to purchase

Rome Modular Stair Kit Tread Options Chart

Standard Kit 12 Treads 13 Treads 14 Treads
Floor-to-floor height* 87" x 109" 95" - 115" 102" - 124" 109" - 136"
Number of treads 11 12 13 14
Stair width with banister 25-1/2 25-1/2 25-1/2 25-1/2
*Chart shows that more than one tread-count is acceptable for some stair heights, the choice is yours.