Insta-Rail Tube 36" Vertical Railing Infill Kit

Insta-Rail TUBE 36" kit is a stainless steel vertical infill kit for existing or new deck projects. NOTE THIS PRODUCT IS NOT CABLE! This kit requires a distance of 24.5 in. from top to bottom rail and will fill up to 72" width. Kit width can be cut to fit. Spacing between vertical tubes is 3 1/4"Tubes are 3/8" diameter and all components are made from stainless steel. Kit includes mounting channels, studs, anchors and tubes. Please consult local building codes prior to purchase.

  • Fast, easy installation with basic hand tools
  • 304 stainless steel components - not recommended for direct salt water spray situations
  • Requires 24 1/2" opening between existing top and bottom rails
  • Width can be cut to fit - 72" in each kit
  • This can be used on stairs with included special bending tool for studs
  • 3 1/4" spacing between vertical tubes
  • Consult local building codes prior to purchase
  • Call for technically assistance or questions