ACADIA Banister Starter Kit


  • Upgrade your outdoor space with the ACADIA Railing System from DOLLE. Achieve a sleek and modern look with this simple yet stunning railing solution. Start your railing run with the ACADIA Banister Starter Kit and add ACADIA Banister Continuous Kits (sold separately) to meet the length of your project. Starter Kits and Continuous Kits are designed to be combined and cut down to easily customize your project. Fast and simple installation makes the ACADIA the perfect railing system for any DIY project. ACADIA provides full code compliance with baluster spacing under 4 inches. The aluminum and steel material offers a low-maintenance railing system without sacrificing style.


    • All railing runs MUST begin with the ACADIA Banister Starter Kit. If you are continuing an existing railing run, you must purchase the ACADIA Banister Continuous Kit.
    • Engineered, tested, and approved to ICC-ES AC273 residential and commercial building codes
    • Sleek, all-black design creates an eye-catching and modern aesthetic
    • Aluminum and steel materials provide strength and longevity
    • ACADIA is compatible with PA22 Galvanized Steel Hex Wood Screws or PA23b Heavy Duty Concrete Anchors
    • 1 Starter Kit covers a linear span of 41-5/16 inches
    • 1 Starter Kit includes everything needed to start your banister run including the following:
      • 2 Posts
      • Railing Infill
      • 1 Handrail
      • 1 Handrail Endcap
      • 1 Handrail Termination
      • Installation Hardware


    Compatible Accessories: