Terms & Definitions

Staircase Terms

Horizontal portion of stair that serves as the walking surface.

Vertical portion of stair located at the back of a stair tread that connects to the front edge of the next higher tread.

Vertical post connecting the tread to the handrail.

The overall length of the staircase along the floor.

The height the staircase will reach from each finished floor to the next.

Vertical height from top of one tread to the next.

Top tread of a staircase, sometimes mounted flush with the upper floor. In the case of spiral staircase also used to support and connect the center column to the upper floor.

A straight staircase which can also incorporate a quarter or 90° turn.

A circular staircase where the treads rotate around a center column.

Railing Terms

A vertical supports that connects both the top handrail and infill to your floor surface.

The horizonal material used to fill the space between post to post.

The fixed top rail used for hand support.

Adjustable components used on both handrails and infill to help navigate turns or corners.