Prova Stainless Steel Tube In-Fill for 36"H Railings

This modern stainless steel tube in-fill for 36”h railings won’t obstruct the view from your deck or staircase, and most importantly, will keep you and your family safe. Before you purchase make certain that the height matches up with your post selection.
  • 3/8 in. Dia hollow stainless steel tube in 79 in. L
  • Can be used with Aluminum posts (96028, 96029) and the Anthracite posts (86028, 86029)
  • Post spacing with this in-fill should be 39 in. apart
  • Will provide 8-rows of horizontal in-fill between posts
  • Post sold separate
  • Recommended for exterior or interior use
  • 96178 Tube Elbow can be used to make turns
  • Tube can be mounted to post (recommended) or to the wall (96188 aluminum finish, 86188 anthracite finish)
  • Connectors to join tubes together to create longer runs are included in each package
  • Rubber end caps for each tube included in package
  • Tubes can be cut to size with an angle grinder
  • All other accessories and options are sold separately
  • Homeowner is responsible to verify code compliance
  • 4 in. o.c. spacing
  • Care free maintenance

Homeowners should check with building inspector for local code compliance.