Toronto Spiral Staircase Kit

Number of Treads


Toronto – A sturdy galvanized steel spiral staircase for indoor or outdoor use.

The Toronto Spiral Staircase kit is tough enough to hold up to the rigors of the outside elements due to its sturdy construction of hot galvanized steel, but chic and modern enough to make any interior room a great conversation design topic. The Toronto Spiral Staircase is recommended for high frequent use indoors or outdoors and can be easily installed in about a day using common household tools.

If you’re looking for a staircase that looks great both outside or in, this is the spiral staircase for you! The Dolle Toronto Spiral Staircase V3 (61 in. diameter) is made of heavy-duty, hot-dipped galvanized steel. This is the updated version of our popular Toronto staircase for outdoor or indoor use. This kit features the option to have a vertical adjustment of 96 in. to 111 in. finished floor to finished floor dimensions, so it can be assembled to fit almost any space. This sturdy steel staircase is ideal for interior or exterior use and features a perforated tread for extra traction and safety – even when wet. This DIY-friendly stair kit includes a continuous PVC flexible handrail that will easily hold up to the elements. DIY installation for 2 people is 1 1/2 days with common household tools. We also offer full customer support and installation instructions to help you get going. Call us today with any questions! 855-365-5387

  • The standard 11-tread 61” diameter staircase can be adjusted from 96” to 111” in height
  • Height from tread to railing: 42"
  • Can be installed in either a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction
  • Top landing can be used in multiple size/shapes openings or mezzanines
  • Optional balcony railing and landing banister kits available - call for details
  • Multiple Accessories available to suit your needs - call for details
  • Verify code compliance prior to purchasing
  • Complete installation guide and toll free support - 855-365-5387
  • 1-year warranty
  • 25% restocking fee on returns


Tread Material Hot galvanized steel with raised perforations for a sure grip and safe traction
Structure Material Steel galvanized finish - not a polished refined finish
Railing Material Flexible, heavy-duty PVC covering
Stair Rise Adjustable rise between treads 8-9-1/4"
Stair Diameter 61" - Center pole Diameter 3-1/2"
Staircase Height 96" - 157" (see chart below for tread options)
Ceiling Opening 65" x 65" minimum
Use For high frequency interior or exterior use
Important: consult your local building inspector for any questions and specifics regarding compliance with the local building codes prior to purchase

Tread Options Chart


Standard Kit 12 Treads 13 Treads 14 Treads 15 Treads 16 Treads
Floor-to-floor height* 96" x 111" 104" x 120" 112-3/4" x 129-1/2" 121" x 138-3/4" 129-1/4" - 148" 137-1/4" - 157"
Number of treads 11 plus landing 12 plus landing 13 plus landing 14 plus landing 15 plus landing 16 plus landing
Stair width with banister 61" 61" 61" 61" 61" 61"
*Chart shows that more than one tread-count is acceptable for some stair heights, the choice is yours.
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